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This is something I wanted to try, and I don't know if it will lead to anything, but it's worth a shot! You can leave your suggestions for fetishes I should try/check out, either in RPs or in one of my stories! I know a lot of fetishes and am into plenty (which you should all know about if you follow me), but I want to see if there's anything I don't know yet that I might want to know about! It's tanks to people introducing me to new fetishes that I learned about Inanimate TF, and later about Forced Shpping, both of which I wrote some pretty good stories of! If this turns out successful, maybe it'll lead to more good stories in the future of things I never imagined writing stories for! So, give me your fetish suggestions, as unique as they can get without being actually illegal- obviously, rape, pedophilia and the like are not fetishes, although I've meddled a bit with some weird gore stuff that I admittedly wasn't into afterwards. 

The point is, I'm hoping to learn some new fetishy material, so let's get crackin!
Again, I'm just planning ahead here: would anyone who is interested in forced shipping want to give ideas for a story on it?

I probably should explain since I know it's a slightly vague fetish. Forced Shipping is essentially one-sided shipping, where one character is in love with a character while the other either is trying to escape or is just reluctantly going along with it. Think of Pucca and Garu, Amy Rose and Sonic, or Pepe LePew and that cat. These kinds of stories  can include forced kissing, surprise hugs and cuddles and cute (if a bit pushy) gifts, and the target of interest could potentially grow to tolerate and even like her.

So, now that you all get it, do you have ideas for a story of this kind? It doesn't exactly need to use a canon example, you can just think of a character you could picture having a one sided super-crush on another!
This is going to come after the Wedgie story, but I still want to plan ahead! What should I do for my ballbusting story? Do you prefer ball popping in ballbusting stories, or just a lot of ball pain? Should the guy in the story like it, or should the guy be suffering in every way? And should it also be a Femdom thing? And would you prefer it to be using fandom characters, or just regular characters?
I am planning a bit ahead, so I want to get some ideas for wedgie stories since that's what I'll be doing down the line! It doesn't matter if it's a bullying scenario, an interrogation kind of thing, or a sexual scenario- I am cool with all of that!
Since Omorashi seems to have won the poll, I'm making this journal so that I can get some requests for some stories of that nature! It doesn't need to be anything too complex, although a creative premise for how the desperation can start would be fun! And I do think it's okay to do Omo of kids if it isn't made sexual, so you can request desperation stories of child characters if you like! My only rule (which applies to all my stories) is that I don't feel too comfortable with live action characters for some reason, maybe because it feels like writing fanfiction about real people. 

So, go ahead and give some ideas for omorashi stories!
I have a new plan of action- post the story ideas I like most into a stash file, so when I like something and want to remember it, I can put it there! My main problem with requests has been getting so many I forget them as I get more of them, so this will solve that problem! Remember, the order I get the requests doesn't determine when I write the story, so no need to try and beat anyone else to it!
Firstly, I want to make another bio for one of my OCs, this time for one of my older ones- Cute Killer. 
Cute Killer by ProfessorSodaMan

The main reason I want to do this is because it will feel a bit 'complete' to do a bio on the third character from my SodaRiffs series, and he, bIzARRO and Nitri kind of form a trio of my original OCs. Plus, he's definitely fit to get a bio, seeing as how his persona is built around how he can go from cute and happy to murderous and sadistic in a matter of seconds.

Secondly, I'd like to try writing another Death Battle sometime in the future, just to see if I'd want to do it more often. Also, if I were to stick to doing the I-decide-the-result-without-research fights, I would probably have the matches be randomly chosen via some kind of random generator, and me putting down a long list of characters I like (and some I don't I'm sure). That'll make the matchups more interesting and give me a better way of thinking of them. But that's only if I don't decide to keep doing DBs- there's a chance I'll enjoy doing that again more than I enjoyed doing the silly no-research fights. We'll just need to wait and see!

Third, I want to admit that I am stumped when it comes to thinking of fetish stories to write in the future. Besides a fifth Fetish Street story idea given by a friend, I don't think I can think of any at the moment. So, I'd like to get some help from people here. Be as creative as you want, although try and remember to stick to the fetishes I like (tickling, farting, omorashi, wedgies, and ballbusting on occasion)

that's all, and ask me if you want a question answered!
How exactly should I introduce the series? Should I have a chapter dedicated to each girl at a time, showing what they do and how they are like in their day-to-day lives, or should I have one story that introduces all of them and shows what they do in a clever and quick fashion with them working together? I was wondering since at first I was thinking of doing the former, but I was given a really good idea for how to do the latter and it's hard to make up my mind
This is something new I haven't really done a whole RP based on before, but I wanted to try it out and see how fun it would be! I think it is self-explanatory- a humiliation RP is where a character is made to feel, well, humiliated either in front of one or more of their friends, or in a more public setting, because of something out of their control. Because of the broadness of the RP idea, it can basically be anything- maybe they're embarrassed because they are really gassy, or perhaps because they are doing a potty dance with people seeing, or maybe they just got a brutal wedgie! It could also be because of their clothes magically being whisked away, or simply being teased embarrassingly in front of others. It's fun no matter what! Here are some examples of what would happen in a humiliation RP: 

Ticklish girls in socks by AnirBrokenear(Yes, tickling can be involved too)

Random woman knows best! by SirSluggle

Trapped by GantzAistar
Ms Marvel Wedgied by the-killer-wc
StreamSketch2! - The escape artist by PolarBearNSFW

There's just something about a character being super red and embarrassed that I kind of enjoy, partly because of how cute it is and partly because of my slightly sadistic side, but who knows really? So let me know if you are interested!
I don't want to come off as rude or ungrateful to people who've enjoyed RPing with me, but I just want to try and make my notes more manuable with how I'm not always on here and stuff. From now on, I'm not gonna make myself continue to RP if I'm not really into it- I'll make sure to inform you if I'm not enjoying it and I want to stop doing the RP, and I hope that you'll understand if it happens. The only RPs I'll probably stop doing at the moment are ones that I don't feel like the other person is putting their best effort in- not giving creative responses, not using grammar to make it seem like they are paying attention, etc. Again, I don't want to seem rude, but it is overwhelming to me to see so many notes in my inbox
I title it as Fandom Edition because each of the RP Starters will be related to a photo I have favorited that is from a certain fandom! If you don't want to do a fandom but still like the scenario presented, let me know and I can change it a little, but otherwise I'd be happy to do the actual thing! Now let's go to each fetish, four scenarios each!

Farting RP Starters


Mature Content

Gardevoir's Butt Pillow - Commission by joaoppereiraus
You are teasing your Gardevoir because of their butt size and softness, naively resting your head against it, and they decide to teach you some manners by pulling you into their butt and giving you a faceful of gas! Not so funny now!

2.  Request: Something stinks in the mushroom kingdom by Feather-AshesYou can play as either one of the Toads, the Princess, or another character still in this scenario- the Princess is having some bad gas problems and can't hold it in, with her Toads not having any idea that it's her causing such awful smell. Will she be trying to hide the stink and become embarrassed as the Toads grow increasingly disgusted or use it as an opportunity to make her Toads suffer on purpose with no consequences? You decide! 

3.  Good Morning, Mr. Mayor! by PepperspotSunshineYou are the Mayor of Animal Crossing Town and you have instructed Isabelle to simply keep your desk warm, not expecting her to really do much to do that, since it wouldn't get that cold while you were gone. However, when you come back, you discover her doing this, smiling at you as she lets out incredible gas on your desk. What do you do when you discover this pleasure of hers?

4.  Smash Bros for Switch by lolotron5 The Inkling girl has entered Smash Bros. and is ready to battle, but Samus decides to haze them using her imfamous gas, knowing that if they could handle that, they were tough enough to fight amongst them. Will the Inkling girl have to face more Smash women's gas? That's your choice!


1. Toadette by Red2870 Captain Toad has stolen from someone very important, and that person wants to find Captain Toad so they can teach him a lesson. Since they couldn't find him, they captured the person closest to him- Toadette- and used a unique method of torture to get the information they want out of her. 

2.  (GIFT) Isabelle's simple tickle by NicholeTickle Isabelle has been really slacking off, either from being too tired or from not paying enough attention. Either way, the Mayor wants to teach her a thing or two. He isn't going to be mean however- he's just going to tickle the sense into her.


Mature Content

Kim -Captive- Possible by Caroos-Dungeon
 Kim Possible was on an important mission, investigating a number of missing people around her town, when she was captured in the middle of it. This time, however, she has found herself unable to escape- both because of the impressive binds and because of her sensitive soles being exploited.

Mature Content

DDLC: He knows what's best by Vandiward
 Wanting to finally make Sayori as happy as possible, MC invites Sayori to his house for the night, and decides to treat her to a fun game- it's called Tickle Your Friend Until You're Bored! This way, Sayori will always be happy! (Play Doki Doki Literature Club if you haven't!)


1.  CM: Raven Split by Radicool332 Raven has split up into her five personalities, leaving the Titans unsure of what to do. However, they seem to be keeping themselves occupied with a strange interest- wedgies! All of them love giving and receiving for reasons none of the Titans get, but they don't want to try and find out. 

2.  Toriel Wedgie by JAVA-MOCHA It seems that this time around, Chara isn't trying to kill everyone- they simply want to give everyone wedgies so brutal they feel like they might die from the pain. They start by giving their mom a brutal wedgie, and they definitely won't stop with just one; poor goat mom's going to remember this long after her child leaves!

3.  Red Action Atomic Wedgie by sasionstrife Red Action thought that going on a 1 on 2 battle would be easy even if she was the 1 in that situation, thanks to her impressive fighting skill, but it seemed she had a fatal weakness- her panties being pulled over head! Will she recover from this or will she become a laughing stock as her panties are pulled for approximate pain?


Mature Content

Harley Quinn's Wonder Wedgie by ZenithIllustrations
 Harley Quinn has picked the wrong fight here, trying to prove herself to The Joker by taking on Wonder Woman herself. While Wonder Woman could easily beat her to a pulp, she figures she'll toy with her a bit, and she does that by giving her an utterly brutal wedgie! How much will Harley Quinn's reputation drop because of this match? You'll have to find out (aka RP it!)


1.  Rockgirl2 by sulfer-kokegitsune In an alternate universe, Mega Man was built as Mega Woman, and is ready to go on her first battle against the Robot Masters! However, something went wrong when she was built, causing her to become filled to the brim with liquid near her abdomen; in other words, she has a full bladder, and has no time to stop for a restroom break before her fighting. Seems like the blue color was fitting!

2.  Found Out (Rupphire Omorashi)Sapphire was out of town, for the first time in months. Ruby had been waiting for a opportunity like this for a while. Ruby hadn’t had a opportunity to indulge herself since she had gotten married to Sapphire. It had been far too long.
Sapphire was accepting and while Ruby knew that her wife would want to know about something that Ruby took so much pleasure in, she could never tell Sapphire about this. Though Ruby was usually quite forward, got flustered whenever she had to talk about kinks. Ruby had kept this secret for the longest time possible.
So there she sat, on her bed, two towels shoved under her. Her bladder was bulging out, filled with 13 hours worth of urine. She had been leading up to this all day. Ruby had been playing video games the past few hours, and empty cans of tea and soda filled the trash can.
When Ruby couldn’t focus on her games anymore, she had gulped down one more can of tea before sitting down at the foot of the bed. Waiting was torturous, but it
 (not a picture for once, but a story) Sapphire is gone for the night, leaving Ruby alone to do whatever she wants, and what she wants to do is get herself full of liquid and squirming with desperation. However, Sapphire comes home early, leaving Ruby in an awkward position- towels laid on her bed for her to wet herself, but her lover there without knowing that she's doing this at all! Will she keep it hidden or reveal her fetish?

3.  Zim Hasta Pee dB by ZimIsABedwetter Poor Zim, he had the ultimate plan today to conquer Earth and prove himself as a powerful Irken, but GIR had convinced him that drinking a Mega Gulp soda would help him have the energy to finish his plan, and he had no idea what bathrooms were! This is not going to go well for anyone!

4.  Desperate Flaky by AlejandroDelFuego Normally Flaky has to fear that she is going to be ripped apart by animals or her own friends turned crazy, but now she has to fear that she is going to lose control of her bladder and humiliate herself, although both have almost the same amount of suffering. Let's hope this won't end as badly as an HTF Episode, but replacing blood with you know what!


1.  PokeBalls by grumpydude69 It seems that Team Rocket has a brand new strategy for stealing Pokemon- no more grandiose speeches or big battles, now all they need to do is get Meowth to deliver some pain to their privates and then snatch the goods while they're writhing on the ground! Let's see how much pain we can cause here!


Mature Content

Squashed Spider by Grumpydude89 by rattoilet
 Spiderman was sneaking down the wall of Emma Frost's house, hoping to catch a glimpse of what she looked like without that dress on. However, either by accident or as a punishment for spying, she's closed the window right on his nuts! If she's merciful she might let him go with just some aching, but who knows?

3.  Thorns of a Rose by MisterCobalt Amy Rose has gotten tired of waiting for Sonic to respond to her romantic advances in the same way, and clearly just chasing him wasn't good enough. So, she decided to aim for the crotch instead of the heart, as that was where he was the most sensitive (seeing as how he seemed pretty cold). Do you want to protect her feelings or Sonic's family jewels?

4.  Uh, Fight? by grumpydude69 Chun Li is prepared for a fight, but right off the bat, it seemed like her opponent is ready to call it off. It seemed she was a bit too eager to start kicking, and either by accident or just on impulse, her foot landed between his legs. Will he try and pull through or be on the ground immediately? (You can pick who the male is!)

If you don't like any of these RP ideas, let me know, and tell me if there's any fetishes you have that I don't list here!
Hey I decided to create a new RP Journal as I am looking for RPers who want to do RPs in a detailed story-based style- I won't tell you you need to do multiple paragraphs, a paragraph or just three sentences is fine with me, as long as you have good grammar and are creative with how you respond. So I'll list my fetishes for this first, which is how you probably will find the journal, in order of most to least RPed (this doesn't mean if you ask me to RP something I RP less than others I won't, just so you know): 

- Farting/Fart Torture
- Inanimate TF/Transformation
- Tickling/Tickle Torture
- Wedgies
- Omorashi/Pee Desperation
- Giantess/Shrinking (this plays well when combined with other fetishes)
- Tease and Denial
- Ballbusting/CBT
- Inflation
- If you have other fetishes, tell me what they are, I'll tell you if I like them.

Now onto my RP Starters, which I have many of, since I am a creative type!

1. Shy Girl
  •  You meet a girl who is very shy and distant, and you encourage her to open up a bit with kindness, as you like her a bit and want to get to know her. You're surprised to find out when you go over to her house for the first time that she is into some very kinky stuff, and you're the first one she's showing it to.
2. Mischevi-Witch
  • In the middle of a peaceful walk, you come across a young girl who is sitting around by herself. Thinking she is lost or something, you go over to offer her help, but she quickly shows that she's not just a little girl- she's a witch, and she was luring you in so she could 'play' with you with her magic. Now that you met her, there's no escaping.
3. Just a Toy
  •  You have lived in a playset-town your whole life, and for a while the giant who owns it has treated it and you pretty nicely, and making you feel like it really is your home. However, one day the giant comes home after a bad day, either at work or just in their personal time, and they decide to take it out on you in whatever way they want. After all, you're just their little toy.
4. Robo-Slave
  •  You awaken to discover you are a robot who was built by a scientist not for important studies, but for using as a fetish slave to have fun with. You have free will, so you can either try and escape the scientist and the lab, or you can accept your fate. Your programming itself will make life hard for you even outside the lab, though.
5. Monster Hunted
  •  You are a monster hunter who has been hired to hunt down and kill a creature that has been killing farm animals and causing people to lose their food supply, but when you followed the trail to where the creature was, you are attacked and overpowered by it, with your weapons proving useless. The monster is actually a sexy succubus who wants revenge on you for killing her friends, and she'll do it in a unique way. 
6. Peculiar Party
  • You are invited to a party by one of your friends, who promises that it will be a fun time. When you go there, you discover you are the only guy, oddly enough. That's not the end of the weirdness, though, as all these girls/women see you as a target to have a lot of cruel and unusual fun with- and it's majority rule, so you have no say in it!
7. Just give me an idea if you don't like the others, I'm open to anything!

Just to be safe, here's a list of all my fandoms: 

Adventure Time

Steven Universe

We Bare Bears

Amazing World of Gumball

Phineas and Ferb

Gravity Falls

The Mr. Men Show

Lego Movie/Lego Batman Movie/Lego Unikitty

OK KO: Let's Be Heroes


Super Smash Bros.

Phoenix Wright



Five Nights At Freddy's 

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Doki Doki Literature Club 
Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 12.55.12 PM by ProfessorSodaMan

Nicknames: Saiko

Height: 6'7 (based on being a head taller than Luigi)

Age: Most likely 18 

Likes: Attention, being loved, anything related to love

Dislikes: People talking/looking at other girls, not being talked/paid attention to, being rejected in any way

Feats: Managed to terrify Mario upon him first seeing her

Was brought to the real world because of Magikoopa's wand

Scared both Waluigi and Wario into helping her try and get Fishy Boopkins to be her boyfriend again after she was dumped

Before that, outmuscled both of them with ease

One of the few SMG4 characters not to die in the first episode they are introduced, as she was allowed to be set free by Fishy Boopkins after he forgived her

Personality: At first will act very sweet and friendly, like an average anime schoolgirl

However, the moment someone starts paying attention to something besides her, she will grow immensely jealous

This goes as far as her burning all of someone's waifu pillows (all 1,000,000+ of them) 

She does this because of how little she was picked in her game, causing her to become clingy to anyone who chooses to spend time with her

Has a very carefree attitude, doing destructive or immature things (like blowing up someone's phone with a rocket launcher, or stealing their hat and running off with it) just so they'll play with her
 - This makes sense, based on her being a high school girl 

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 1.11.26 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Kicked a garbage bag half her weight (so around 3'3 feet) hard enough for it to break through a concrete wall and fly into the sky until it wasn't able to be seen
 - Easily lifted and shook around Fishy Boopkins, even being able to lift him with one hand
 - Was able to lift a rocket launcher that looked almost as big as her (with the same diameter as her head even) quite easily
 - Before that, pulled Luigi's phone from his hand easily
 - Outmuscled both Waluigi and Wario combined when they tried to pull a vase of flowers from her hand
  - Waluigi was a champion boxer and was able to beat Bowser in seconds, and Wario has been stated to be stronger than both of the Mario brothers, and once lifted a volcano
(For more comparison between Saiko's strength and Wario and Waluigi, read these:  Wario flips off Death Battle with both hands!!!WARIO
-Born in: Unknown
-Age: Should be around 26, seeing his age looks similar to Mario's
-Alignment: Neutral
-Height: 5'6
-Weight: 308 lbs
-Occupation: Plumber, Savior of the world (if there's money involved), Treasure Hunter, Micro-game creator, Farmer (seriously) Hypnotist (read in the feats category), Bomb Shop owner
-Likes: Money, exercise, sweets, Luigi (sometimes), Mona (love intreset), Waluigi, Money, Princess Peach, winning, garlic, money, being a hero, farting, making micro-games, and money.
-Dislikes: Captain syrup, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi (sometimes), ANYONE richer than him, sand (no really) Shake King, Rudy the Clown, Bowser, losing, Bowser Jr, etc
-Alias: Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold, Beetle Brows, Mr Wario, Garlic Breath, Wario-Man, Purple Wind, Greedy Bastard (okay, that was my nick
  Waluigi takes Death Battle by complete surprise!
First Appearance: Mario Tennis (N64)
Height: Estimated 6'7
Weight: Unknown (Considered heavy weight in the racers)
-Has somehow gotten a cult following even though he's never been in a main series game
-Has defeated Bowser before
-An accomplished athlete
    -Competed in the Olympics for example
-Got to be the main villain of a DDR game
-Somehow has his own giant pinball race track, and his own racing stadium
-Has a surprisingly good win streak in terms of Death Battle
    -5 Wins and 1 Loss as of now
-Was a champion boxer
-Has a blackhole feat . . . LET THIS SINK IN

-Can kick Smash Bros Characters into the ground
    -Keep in mind, the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, and Megaman are susceptible to this
-Beat Bowser in a manner of seconds 
  - Wario in SMG4's verse, also, can scale to SMG4 Mario, who lifted King Bob-Omb over his head

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 1.26.10 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Snatched Luigi's hat off of his head before he could react, same with stealing his phone
 - Outran Luigi for an unknown amount of time, who was able to run on water briefly (which would mean she could outrun someone who went at 67 miles an hour, even if for a brief period of time)
  - That's lowballing it, as Luigi has gone way faster
 - Moved fast enough from one place on the sidewalk to one another place in front of Wario and Waluigi to appear as if she teleported, similar to a slasher villain

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 1.34.27 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
  - Was sprayed by Anti-Anime Spray and wasn't harmed for very long by it, despite it being made to harm anime girls like her
  - Was launched ten or twenty feet back into a wall by a rocket launcher she fired at a phone on the ground and was perfectly fine
   - Also wasn't effected at all by the rocket launcher's explosion itself
  - Got sat on by Mario, who in the SMG4 verse weighs 94 billion kilograms (or two hundred billion pounds), and wasn't hurt in any way when he got off
  - Her foot was not harmed from kicking the garbage bag so hard as mentioned above
  - Wasn't effected by being in close range to large fires (two feet for one fire and five feet for another)
  - Not affected by the cold despite her outfit exposing her a bit
   - Not technically durability, but seriously, how can someone walk around in February wearing that?!
 - As she was in a game parodying Doki Doki Literature Club with a similar setting, she most likely had high school level intelligence in most areas
 - Despite that, she was able to use both a rocket launcher and a giant mech, the latter not being owned by her, showing she learns very fast when it comes to operating technology
 - Somehow knew how to set fire to over 1,000,000 waifu pillows in a few minutes, when she was on a sandy beach with nothing there to set fire to them with
 - Was fully aware that she was in a video game and convinced Fishy Boopkins to bring her into the real world 

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 2.02.58 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
Rocket Launcher 
 - Appears to be nearly her height (most likely two head) and has the diameter of her head
 - She holds it rather easily and seems to know how to use it very well too
 - Caused a large explosion that launched her back around twenty feet into a wall, and left Luigi's phone as nothing but smoldering dust

Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 11.00.14 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
Machine Gun Turret
 - Carried with her in some sort of hammerspace, as it simply appears out of thin air
 - SMG4 Mario and SMG3 were unable to find a way to escape the gunfire, only barely avoiding being shot by the bullets
  - Both of them have had bullet-dodging feats (SMG3 jumped over a bullet and SMG4 Mario dodged four people who were shooting at him at point blank)

 Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 2.07.18 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Seems to have a range of twenty feet and does it very easily
 - She either has this ability or is just incredibly fast

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 2.10.15 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
- As she herself said, she has trouble controlling herself when she loses attention
- A bit overemotional, as shown when she ran away crying after she was effectively held down by Mario
- Speaking of which, can be held down by enough weight
 - on the other hand, SMG4's Mario weighs an unbelievable amount, so it may just be a bit of realism that she couldn't push him off. 
- Her most effective weapon (the mech) didn't belong to her and was taken back by Wario and Waluigi, leaving her with just one weapon
- Has only been in one fight so she lacks experience
- Able to be distracted if someone shows their love to her (like singing a song with her), which could allow for a sneak attack
- Doesn't have all that many feats of durability
- Although it wasn't brought up in the video, if magic was able to bring her into the real world, magic could've also been used to put her back in the game if they thought they needed to 

Surprisingly, for SMG4's Doki Doki Literature Club parody, they didn't use any of the Doki Doki characters. Instead, they created their own anime girl named Saiko Bichitaru (Saiko meaning Equilibrium, or The Bets, and Bichitaru meaning lively), who is basically an exaggerated version of Monika. If you have no idea what that means and want context about this parody, you should check out DDLC since it's free, both on steam and on the website.

Anyways, this girl fits with her name, and unlike Monika who just has the powers and not a lot of physical feats, this girl is freakin' strong. She kicked a garbage bag half her size filled with trash hard enough to be launched through the ceiling and far enough into the sky to not be seen, and got back up after being launched ten feet into a wall from using a rocket launcher to blow up a phone. Speaking of which, she isn't just obsessive over the player spending time with her- if anyone pays attention to anyone but her, or if they pay attention to other girls (even fictional ones, ironically), she'll do whatever she can to stop that.

Also, she was clearly stronger than both Wario and Waluigi combined, as they were unable to pull a potted plant out of her hand even with their combined strength using both their hands, with her only using one. I'm sure someone would be able to figure out her strength by figuring out how strong Waluigi and Wario are in SMG4's universe. She's also surprisingly fast, so in conclusion, someone should try and make a bio for this crazy anime girl! I might consider doing it myself eventually, she's honestly a pretty funny parody of Yanderes!
So, firstly, I'll get right to what the most important update is: my next stories are going to be an Omorashi Pokemon one, a Fart Torture Pokemon one, a Fart Torture story with an original character of mine, and I'll probably put a requested story from a friend in there after I talk to them about the details of it since I can't remember everything about the request. After those stories I think I might just do something fun from my own head, like a KO and Dendy story (that might have small fetishes put in if I want to but will be mostly cute), or maybe a Steven Universe story about minor characters! 

My second, less crucial update, is that I am going to be making a new favorites folder which will basically include every fetish thing I've faved that isn't containable in the other categories! Not including bondage since it's too broad. So ballbusting, spanking, and others will be here so I can have a place to put it as I find that stuff slightly important for some reason! 
My idea is a series that would be more humor-based with slightly looser rules, where I can do fights that wouldn't make as much sense as DEATH BATTLEs, as in ones where it might be a stomp or it's just a joke fight. Here are the rules I'd lay down for my series:

1. The opponents would know about each other before encountering each other, either preparing to fight or just happening to hear about them online.

2. They'd have actual reason to fight and not just randomly encountering- so they won't run into each other in a bar and just start fighting. 

3. It's okay for them to be joke characters but they at least need to have a feat for each of the different stats (Speed, Durability, Strength). They can't just have punched someone really hard once.

4. Outside is okay as long as both of them have it at the same level, like if one character has a character fighting by their side, the other must have someone fighting by their side. They also need to be someone you'd expect to be helping that character. 

5. Death is not guaranteed in this series, though that doesn't mean the fights will all end in friendship. Some of them may end with one character forfeiting and begging for mercy, or both could be knocked unconscious. This rule is here because the main reason I want to do this spinoff is because doing DEATH BATTLEs means it's a bit strict with how it has to end sometimes, with a character dying and all that. 

6. Characters still need to have similarities to fight here, even if it's just a similarity in personality. 

I can't think of any other rules so tell me what you think! I think I could do fights like Dendy vs. Peridot, Yuri from DDLC vs. Yandere-Chan, and Jigglypuff vs. Parappa. Tell me what humor-centric fights I should do for this series! I might end up naming it something like Hilarity Wars for the humor theme!
I think that's great, I haven't written a Pokemon story in a while if you don't count the wedgie story I wrote! It used to be one of my most popular subjects to write stories of! I do have some ideas that I can write, including fart torture and maybe some omorashi if I have anyone who wants that, as I find it to be cute to imagine Pokemon needing to pee. Or I can just have fluffy Pokemon friendship, I'll decide later!
I decided I don't need to be nervous about posting certain RP starters anymore as anyone who doesn't like them most likely won't click to read, so I wanted to post this for anyone looking for someone to do this kind of RP with! 

I think I was inspired to want to do this by very interesting ballbusting art online, including some by artist :iconknave-em: who does great work, mostly on Tumblr, though if you are really wanting to see some intense sort of ballbusting art then you can either buy their comics (the preferred choice) or find some of it on weird site (less preferred but easier for cheapskates like me). 

It is self explanatory what the RP would be about- a man/woman taking some enjoyment out of beating a poor guy's balls, and we would find lots of creative ways to show that pain. Though I tend to prefer the busting itself more than what the permanent end result sometimes is, I'm fine with RPing that part of it anyone likes it! 

Also, there are a lot of different scenarios we could do with ballbusting so feel free to be creative, as you don't just need to do a standard "girl runs into guy and decides to kick him in the balls repeatedly" thing. 

Final note is, sorry to anyone who is weirded out by this, it's just kind of something I can't help but be slightly interested in! Don't worry, it'll be a while til I feel like posting about it again
Steven Universe Wedgie RPs [Open]I'm seeking a bit of SU wedgie related RPs, note me or comment below if you'd like to try it out.
-Mostly Canon Gems but can negotiate for potential OCs.
-May involve male and female underwear.
-Mostly SFW.
-I can both give and receive.
-I will try to reply to any RPs or requests of RPs when I can, but I'm busy during..
-Weekdays until 3:00 PM EST.
-But Free any weekends unless I say otherwise.
 I linked to this before but they had to delete the previous journal due to technical difficulties so I'm promoting it again! RP with this person :iconmemelord9001: if you enjoy SU and Wedgies and RPing all at once! 
I don't just like doing sexy types of Fetish RPs, or just the standard kind, I also like to throw in some humor in it! So these Fetishy RP Starters are meant to be both funny and exciting for people who like these fetishes, though anyone who doesn't like them might not enjoy the starters as much unless you have a good sense of humor! I'll begin, and if you are looking for a certain fetish, just scroll til you see it! Also, any of these can be reversed with you playing the one giving the torment instead of the one recieving. 


1. You are over at a friend's house, and they are a magic user (female or male, doesn't matter). You go into one of their rooms while they are in the bathroom and see an unlabeled potion so you curiously drink it, only for it to turn you into a chair/pillow. When they come back in and see the chair/pillow in replacement of you, they laugh, knowing you were snooping in their potions, so they decide you probably deserve a bit of fart torture before they effortlessly turn you back (whenever that happens). 

2. You are almost late to one of your classes and begin running there, only to trip and fall facefirst into your friend's butt, and you somehow are stuck! Worse yet, he/she is very ditzy and somehow doesn't realize this, while everyone else is noticing and giggling without saying a word. What a bad day to have had burritos for lunch. In this we can have fun with many anime tropes so if you want we can put in anime characters! 

3. You are an adopted human in a family of skunk-people- for this RP, you have a choice of RPing the experience you have Day 1 of living with them, or RPing the experience you have on a daily basis after getting used to this. Your skunk family enjoys teasing you constantly about the fact that you aren't made to handle such awful stink, and it gets even worse with the lunch they eat.


1. You have found yourself shrunken down to the size of a doll, and the person playing with you seems to be into tickling and is using you to express it without knowing you are a real person, despite how real you look. Will you reveal the truth to them, or stay in character and try to escape? Or perhaps you'll tickle them back?

2. You are a space explorer who has crash-landed on an alien planet of adorable creatures, who all consider the worst punishment of all to be tickle torture. So, since your ship crashed in a populated place and endangered lives, you are sentenced to indefinite amounts of tickle torture with many unique devices. Where the story unfolds from there is our choice!

3. Desperate for a bit of cash, you have signed up for a science experiment where you are the test subject, thinking it will be something simple. Little do you know that you are being tested on ticklishness in some extreme ways, like spinning feather wheels, over twenty kittens licking milk of your feet, and more! Can you survive this onslaught to get your check or will you chicken out? Either way you probably don't have a choice.


1. You have just moved into a house said to be haunted, but you didn't believe the rumors... at least not until you are alone in your room and someone besides you locks the door. Instead of being attacked, though, your underwear is just stretched out and is soon toyed with by the ghost of a childish prankster who was infamous in the town a long time ago, and is now ready to continue their mischievous ways after their death with your undergarments! 

2. You are a supervillain/superhero, fighting against your arch-nemesis on a building when you fall off of it, and you unfortunately do not have flying powers. Your opponent does, though, and saves you... by grabbing onto your underwear and giving you an awful wedgie, and to punish you for either merely stopping their plot or for your evil ways, they give you the worst wedgie session of your life until you either escape from it or beg for mercy. 

3. You have built a robot to assist you with your science experiments, but something haywire has happened- suddenly, the robot is wanting to give nonstop wedgies, and you're the first target it sees! Will you try and fix what you caused or just try and escape a painful wedgie? You decide you mad scientist youuuuu


1. You are hanging with your friend, and you suddenly need to use the bathroom, but when you get up, your friend decides to play a trick on you and use a spell to turn you into a statue! Turns out they have magical powers and want to use them to turn you into their personal teasing toy, with your bladder their target! 

2. You and your crew are sailing the open seas, but there are two problems: 1. You need to pee badly and there aren't any bathrooms on the ship, and 2. Your crew is incompetent and is causing accidents that may eventually lead to your accident, if you catch what I'm implying. Will you survive the boat ride to new land before you wet yourself?

3. You are fighting in a war and have been captured while scouting out in the outfields, and the interrogator is trying to get the information about the location of your team. When violence doesn't work, they realize that you haven't gone to the bathroom for a while, so they focus their efforts on teasing you with the chance of relief if you just betray your friends. It may sound easy, but you could do anything when you're desperate enough for that...

Ballbusting (Yep I'm including it, someone I'm RPing with currently is making me interested in seeking more RPers of it): 

1. You are a rather impulsive person who tends to make split second decisions that lead to problems, but this was the worst one of all: you kneed a guy in the balls when he bumped into you and made you spill your drink, and he was secretly a wizard who was pretty petty, and he cursed your balls so that anyone who saw you would have the impulse to kick, punch, squeeze or generally harm them. Either you can try and reverse the curse and get the wizard's forgiveness or see if you can survive life with a ball-busting curse.

2. You went to a nudist beach for the first time and are swimming around in the water, when suddenly something grabs you- specifically the crotch area. It turns out, mermaids in this area love to torment the males swimming in these waters because of their balls, and you are the first target of the day since you are so unfamiliar with this place. They could just squeeze and punch your balls without you ever seeing them, or magically let you breathe water to take you to their home for more personal busting, but you're in for pain either way.

3. This is similar to the science experiment one but a bit different: you've signed up to go through some endurance tests, but you didn't know that you'd be transformed into a literal crash test dummy... while retaining your package, which is a strangely vital part of the experiments. Unable to move unless you're controlled, but still able to voice your reactions for the sake of the test, your balls are put under a number of tests to see what they can take. But don't worry, you'll both get them healed if anything bad happens to them and a payment!

I hope people want to do any of these RPs, I want to be creative with my scenarios to make them more interesting!